Scanning bluecoalplanet
    The Magician and the Translator 2013
    HD Video, Duration 8 minutes

    A Magician performs sleight of hand magic tricks with a silver coin while a translator translates his movements into signlanguage.
    Scanning bluecoalplanet
    This Desert was Once a Sea. Mother 2012
    Video, Duration 10 minutes

    17 frames from David Lean's Lawrence of Arabia are altered and represented in a typeset-loop.
    Scanning bluecoalplanet
    Study# 2 2011

    Two found videos of musical performances are placed side by side.
    Ne Me Quitte Pas - Jacques Brel and No Surprises - Radiohead.
    Balancing act Balancing Act 2013
    Installation at B1 studio Weimar 2013
    Medium: wooden sound stage, contact microphones, earphones
    ApoldaThe Hum installation. Glockenmuseum Apolda, Germany. 2011
    6 channel sound installation: 6 Bells, 6 Transducers, Outdoor Microphone, Cables